Fragrant flowers from Northern Europe


On the streets of Samoa, you can often see girls fiddling with their mobile phones. TikTok videos are quickly edited through the phone's camera function, and the young girls would be elated with their videos. As you live in Samoa, remove the mobile phone lenses, observe with your own eyes, and walk around. Are the people of Samoa really living in the beautiful Pacific island country in the eyes of the world? There is a huge gap between the virtual world and the real world.

"My name is Amilie. I am eighteen years old. My parents took me and my two younger brothers to Kona, Hawaii to participate in the YWAM training course. Now I am sent to Samoa for a short-term mission." The girl smiled shyly as she introduced herself to everyone. As the eldest child of the family, Amilie always participates in various activities with a smile on her face. When she sits quietly beside her mother, drinking tea and chatting with single sisters, everyone will unconsciously forget this young girl who has just grown up. With her maturity beyond her own age, along with a calm and introverted personality, her gentle company has become a blessing for many people.

"Can you accompany me to wash my hands?" the little girl with a runny nose asked Amilie with wide eyes. Amilie picked up the little girl in her right hand, turned around, and led the other with her left hand, and another little girl behind her happily followed Amilie while tugging onto her skirt. Amilie serves in the community kindergarten of Nuufou Baptist Academy. This gentle big sister is always by the children's side, like a mother accompanying their children.

"You memorized all the dance steps!" Our older students always asked Amilie to help. During the training, learning to dance is not to be missed. During the class in Kona, Hawaii, the family time every Friday afternoon, everyone enjoys the time of dancing together. I didn't expect that dancing can also come in handy in Samoa. In the community kindergarten of Nuufou Baptist Academy, I had the opportunity to lead the teachers and students of the school to express their gratitude to God through dancing. When the music sounded and Amilie danced confidently beside me, the whole world seemed to follow her steps. Seeing her stepping out every dance step familiarly, everyone immediately felt extremely at ease.

"When I was receiving training in Kona, Hawaii, I heard the teacher share their testimonies. I didn't expect their marriage to go through such a big shock!" Amilie recalled her surprise at the time. "Thank God for giving me a healthy family. Although I am not sure what I will do when I return to Norway, I know that I will continue to follow in God's footsteps. God is the God of my parents and mine. I believe He will bless me and my life." Under the night sky of the Southern Cross, I walked and chatted with Amilie, and she narrated what she said in her heart on the road of pursuing the truth.

This moment brought me back to the memories of twenty years ago.

"Thirst for the Way, not feelings." An elder in the Lord encouraged me when I was in my youthful stage. Now every time I pray, God always impresses images and scriptures in my mind. When I was young, I made up my mind to follow the Lord and began to diligently read the scriptures that were written down from the Bible. Now God's words have become the greatest help in my ministry work.

"And when he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, "Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch." And Simon answered, "Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word I will let down the nets." And when they had done this, they enclosed a large number of fish, and their nets were breaking." (Luke 5:4-6)

On the road of life, what we see is often the impact of waves of difficulties and challenges. When we are able to paddle out of the shore and head towards the vast ocean, the deep ocean with calm waves contains infinite vitality. Amilie's Life is like a vast ocean full of infinite possibilities. When God leads her to sail the boat into the depths of the water, as long as she relies on her faith, she can be a fisher of men, enabling them to accept that rich gift.

If you are in your youth and want to get close to God and walk the way of God, I would like to bless all young people with these words: "Thirst for the way, not feelings." Turn the direction of life to the depth of the water, and in the future, you will surely receive abundant blessings that are from God. Just like Amilie, Jesus is leading her to the deep water that belongs to her. This young girl from northern Europe has a future containing full of infinite possibilities. In addition to being happy for her, I want to bless all young people who choose to follow Jesus, you will be like the flower that the Father smiles, caresses, grows, and blooms into a brilliant life.

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