God puts each of our broken life fragments on His canvas with His hands


7 July 2023

"Thank you for everything you have done for us. What you have done is exactly what we need most now." Randall said on the way before driving off for an errand. "Our base leader Sose is currently receiving cancer treatment in the United States. Kovati and Kisa are also preparing to welcome their first child in the hospital. There are very few people who can drive. Thank you for your help!" Randall expressed his gratitude to Vegar again.

In the past three months, our group of ministers gathered in Hawaii to receive evangelistic training once again, including street evangelism, listening to God's voice, inner healing, and the exercise of various spiritual gifts. I thought the preparation that we had was enough so that when we were sent to any place, we could immediately exercise our strengths to help everyone. However, when we arrived in Samoa, we found that there was a huge gap between the needs of the people in this place and what we could give...

As a group of missionaries who have been equipped, how should we deal with such a predicament?

"We were stirring the swill for the pigs, and it accidentally spilled over to the ground. Aaron immediately picked up the pigswill from the ground. He smiled and said we can't waste any food." Vegar shared this seemingly insignificant little anecdote. "The missionaries serving in Samoa have maintained their cheerful and grateful attitude. They are really role models for me to learn from!" Vegar shared with us what he saw and heard locally. Optimism, gratitude, sharing, and living together are the real-life education experiences brought by these missionaries in Samoa. They opened the door of this base of Jesus Christ for us and allowed us to witness God truly living among them.

"Who is Samuel's mother?" I asked curiously.

Samuel, who is only one year old, is the youngest member of the base, and he always has people who could carry him, accompany and care for him. Everyone in the base cooperates well with each other and takes good care of the children. Surrounded by love, Samuel learns various skills from observing what the adults do daily. When the adults practice dancing, Samuel is not afraid to step out to imitate them by moving his body as he perceives, and he is really lovable and cute!

The Samoa island country has a strong and unique culture. Our group members from different cultural backgrounds set foot on this small island with different expectations in our hearts. In this place, God extracts different materials from His people from all over the world and redraws the beautiful and huge image that belongs to Him. Being sent to such a remote island in the midst of the Pacific Ocean, as far as the eyes can see, there are fragment pieces of "yours", "mine", "ours"..., the huge and warm hand will patiently pick up these pieces of fragments and re-pasting them in the most beautiful position in the "Canvas of God".

"Did we bless them? Or did they bless us?" I asked myself in my heart.

Brothers and sisters in Taiwan, please use your prayers to help us who are thousands of miles away, let God hear the prayers of everyone, and personally collage each of our lives on the position of His canvas.

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